Local News (21st June 2018)

Formentor this Summer

The island-wide traffic jam misery that held up the island last year has led to the Consell de Mallorca to impose traffic regulations in order to preserve the island’s natural beauty. In August 2017 the road to Hotel Formentor and the Lighthouse saw a daily average of 12,000 cars. This year, the local council has confirmed that the road from the hotel up to the lighthouse will be closed to cars, instead the shuttle bus service will take tourists to the area of outstanding beauty. 

According to the Consell’s data, entitled IMD (the average daily intensity) the hotel road accounted for nearly 7,000 cars, the Hotel-Lighthouse road, over 4,600 cars. So this summer, the road will be closed to cars (except for residents) from 9.30am to 7pm. 

Terrace Checks in Pollensa

The council of Pollensa is to carry out “exhaustive inspections” into the “occupation ordinance of public space”, in other words ensuring that restaurant owners comply with regulations concerning their terraces.

At the same time, the council will be looking into replacing the current regulations, in force since 2002, and bring them up to date with current demands. They will strengthen controls so that licenses are respected and public space is not occupied without authorization. Some areas experience more problems than others, in particular the frontline in the port which is now semi-pedestrianized and the Plaza Major in Pollensa. In some cases, the council warns that they will “seal” or “remove illegal or excessive occupations, whether catering premises or businesses that transport goods.”

The council stresses that the measures are not to be more restrictive, it intends to “cover the numerous legal gaps” that current regulations present. At present, the Council is granting the last authorizations for the year, to cover the various new premises opened this year. They intend to have the new ordinance in place by next year when the new licenses will be given. 

Frontline Closed to Traffic for Longer

The council has extended the hours of pedestrianization, meaning the frontline will be closed to cars for longer. The new no-cars schedule, which came into force last Saturday, is from 2.30pm-5am. Before, cars couold move along the front until 6pm so the pedestrian use has been extended by three and a half hours.

The section of the Passeig Saralegui between El Cano and the Enginyer Roca roundabout will stay open until 6pm so that cars from the Ports area can leave. The change is made in response to the experience of recent months and to the number of demands the council has received. 

In the first season of the new system, it was found that the road closure at 6pm caused confusion among residents and road users. It is also acknowledged that trade traffic is present mainly in the morning so they won’t be affected by the new hours. The council will now analyze the operation of the timetable and assess, once the summer is over, if the hours are applied indefinitely or, indeed, if other changes are necessary.

End of Term Party

Two weeks ago, the traditional fin de curso party brought teenagers from high schools from different regions of the island to Puerto Alcudia. Local police say that between 4-5,000 teenagers arrived in the port to have dinner and party with friends. It was something that authorities and local police were prepared for and many had visited schools to talk about under-age drinking and problems associated with it. 

On the night itself, at about 10.30 pm, police officers gathered at the local police headquarters. Their plan was to monitor students, helping them to avoid incident and avoid over-drinking. Dressed in civilian clothes, the officers patrolled the area. Guardia Civil officers who specialize in minors were also present.

Alcohol was one of the main concerns, indeed for many students this would be their first encounter with drinking, something that both police officers and emergency services were very aware of. In response, police officer were given the power to remove alcoholic drinks from those under 18 if they considered it appropriate. They could also identify teenagers and inform their parents or legal guardians about their behaviour.

No i punt!

The councils of Calvià, Pollensa, Ses Salines and Andratx have joined Alcudia in the extension of the ‘No, and that’s it’ campaign. The “No i punt, Mallorca free of sexist aggressions” campaign will now be targeted to the large floating population that visits the five towns during the high season as well as to foreign residents.

With about 4 million extra visitors, the campaign will now include posters and flyers in German and English in addition to Catalan and Spanish and they will be distributed to tourist areas. 

Ports IB in the North

Ports IB has completed improvements in the ports of Pollensa and Es Barcarés with more than €1m of investment within the “Plan of Investments and Modernization” which involves an investment of more than €38m in the group of islands. 

Minister of Territory, Energy and Mobility, Marc Pons, accompanied by Alcudia Mayor, Antoni Mir, visited Port d’Es Barcarés. While manager of Ports IB, Pedro Pugidengoles, visited the Port of Pollensa.

Pons explained, the Government has invested €275,376.18 in the infrastructure reform, while Puerto Pollensa received €727,867. In both, greater security and efficiency has been improved by the work.