Local News (19th July 2018)

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A spectacular tsunami-like wave of meteorological origin, hit Alcudia on Monday (16th) morning around 9am. The type of wave, known locally as a ‘rissaga’ flooded the beach and port in Alcudia, as well as several other coastal towns. 

An occasional phenomenon in the Mediterranean, this particular rissaga was also noticed in the port of Andratx, the Colònia of Sant Jordi, Portocolom and Portocristo. In Puerto Pollensa the water levels dipped but the incoming water was nowhere near as dramatic than in Alcudia. In the Menorcan town of Ciutadella, a town more commonly hit with meteotsunamis, the sea came to oscillate 1.5m, according to the State Meteorological Agency.

In Puerto Alcudia, the sea suddenly poured over the beach onto the promenades dragging street furniture with it and obstructing the traffic. On the port, boat pontoons wobbled. Thankfully, despite the drama and the shock it left in its wake, especially for boatowners, there was no personal or material damage.

Even the most veteran fishermen were stunned. Martí Fuster, patron of the Eolo, a fishing boat, told local press that he had never seen such a ‘rissaga’ in the bay of Alcúdia. Another of the witnesses of the phenomenon was Tomeu Bestard, director of Alcudiamar, said that the scary experience started at 9.15am and lasted about two hours, he also said he’d never seen such a strong rissaga, “The sea level dropped very fast and all the fishing boats were touching the bottom, fortunately there is no damage to the boats.” After hitting the bottom, the sea level rose rapidly, invading the pedestrian zones.

One harrowing video on social media showed someone on a dinghy trying to help a catamaran that had lost control, the little dinghy sank and the video showed him hanging onto the stay lines. He was rescued by Maritime Rescue and fortunately, everything was ok.


Alcudia Commercial Port News

The Autoritat Portuària is considering the future extension of the commercial dock in Puerto Alcudia. The project, planned for the long term, will mean larger boats and cruise ships will be able to dock. The project has not yet been drafted and there is no intention to tender in the short term, the sources stress. The possible plans are in line with the port’s increased cruise tourism in recent years. 

While the port authority (APB) has stated that the project is still in a very embryonic phase, it has already started the administrative phase of requesting the necessary reports in anticipation of the future license. In this regard, the Salvem el Moll platform, always aware of the environmental impacts affecting the port of Alcúdia, has registered a letter at the headquarters of the APB requesting information on the future expansion of the southern esplanade of the commercial port. It would like to know the purpose and destination of this extension and whether it will affect passenger or merchandise traffic. The document has not yet been answered by the port authority.

Also, according to this platform, the Historical Heritage Commission of the Consell de Mallorca has granted authorization to the APB to carry out a preventive underwater archaeological survey in the maritime area.


Joan Mas and the Crew

Joan Vanrell will play local hero Joan Mas at the Moors and Christians battle in Pollensa’s biggest fiesta, La Patrona. Last Friday night he won by a huge majority in the popular vote, where thousands of Pollencins turned out. Joan Vanrell received 1,541 votes, the remaining seven candidates didn’t break 500.  With so many contenders, it was a long night that lasted until 1.30am. The party atmosphere around the Santo Domingo was intense with thousands of young people who gathered to celebrate the first event of one of the most crowded fiestas on the island.

Sebastià Vila, Miquel Cerdà Torandell and Antoni Cerdà Bravo will represent the leaders of the Moros, they won with 1,080 votes, and will play Dragut, Loctinent and Abanderat.  

Sebastià Crespí, Guillem Morro, Josep Perelló and Biel Colom were elected as the Ajuntament Vella. 

Monday (16th) came the first act for Dragut and his buddies who yesterday, set their eyes on the town as the next destination to loot and planted their yellow moon and star flag. With the Tropa del Solda playing the drums and trumpets and the sounds of shots accompanying them they announced that the attack is imminent, 2nd August at 7pm to be precise.  

Bikes for Charity

Last week, the council Pollensa delivered 21 bicycles to the charity, Caritas. The bikes had been collected by the Local Police and as nobody has claimed them within the period established by the regulations, they decided to donate them. The council thanked the work of Social Services and the Local Police that made the donation possible.

Local Canoe Club Success

The RCNPP, which brought Olympian Sete Benavides through the ranks, has shown real promise with new stars in the sport at the recent Canoe Sprint National Championships. More than 60 clubs were represented and the Puerto Pollensa team won gold in three distances. The C4 took gold in the 1,000m, 500m and 200m and the C2 took gold in the 1,000m, silver and bronze in the C1 1,000m and bronze in the C1 500m. Other Mallorcan clubs took medals home too, proving that the island is a real force in the sport of Canoe Sprint.

Accolade for Hotel Formentor

The Times has name Hotel Formentor as one of the best and most exclusive in the Mediterranean thanks to its strategic location next to “the paradisiacal Mallorcan beach”.

The hotel was already in its shortlist of 30 best hotels in the Med, highlighting its facilities, pool and the varied cuisine on offer.  

Archaeologists arrive in Pollentia

The latest excavation campaign at the Roman city of Pol·lèntia in Alcúdia is underway throughout the month of July. Officials from Alcudia Townhall as well as directors from Pollentia welcomed the students. In all there are close to 100 participants and come from a variety of backgrounds. There are students from the Antoni Arribas archaeology course, students of Arqueospain and archaeologists from the University of Portland. All will be supervised by co-directors Miquel Angel Cau and Esther Chávez.

Busy Shuttle Bus

Around 600 people went to the Formentor lighthouse on Monday, when the new shuttle buses were launched. The Department of Territory, Energy and Mobility announced that 1,175 round trips were counted. The greatest demand was between 11am-4pm and 75% of travellers took the bus all the way to the Lighthouse. The buses also stop at the Colomer viewpoint, Formentor beach and Cala Murta / Cala Figuera. The report stated that the restriction of traffic resulted in a lower presence of vehicles along the entire route. On Monday a total of 659 vehicles drove to Formentor Beach during the restricted traffic hours. A week before sources from the Consell say that number was 2,204, indicating a drop in over 1,500 cars.  The launch has been described as positive by the different administrations involved, there were no problems with the service and it was well received by tourists. A brief look on social media however, will show a more negative side to the change. Perhaps the scenes of queues of traffic is nothing more than teething problems as the new (and temporary – just until the end of August) system is established.