Local News (30th August 2018 issue)

On the Beach in Alcudia: LifeSaver for the Day


Children of Alcudia’s summer camp had a day on the beach last week, learning how to be a Lifesaver for the day. Real lifeguards of the beach taught the children prevention and rescue through games. The children learnt the signals they use as well as the meaning of the different flags, they were also shown what to do on the beach in case of an emergency and the guidelines in case of an accident. They were also shown basic first aid techniques and given advice on sun protection, among other things. Finally, the children were awarded their certificate accrediting them as “Lifeguard for a Day”. 


On the Beach in Alcudia: Alcudia per a Tots

lifesaving equipment.jpg

Now those with reduced mobility or disabilities can enjoy the beach in Alcudia thanks to the special lift equipment that has just been installed. It helps lift beach-goers out of their wheelchair and into the “amphibuggy” with ease. The authorities presented the new service last week, stating that this is the first of its kind in the Balearics and this free service is just one part of the Alcudia per a Tots (Alcudia for All) programme. The service is located just in front of the lifesavers’ post.


School Space Grows

Last week, the council of Pollensa approved the rental of Can Gallardó, a finca that will be used to extend the playground at the Costa y Llobera Primary School. The land, which is attached to the school, has an area of ,476sqm and includes almond and carob trees. The extension plans were drawn up two years ago and is a response to the demand to adopt more environment-based teaching methods. 

At the moment the playground is small and green space is restricted. With the project, perimeter fences will be put up and the access will be adapted, there are also plansfor the rain drainage. 



Eco-Tax to Help the Claustre

Pollensa has asked for €1.3m from the Sustainable Tourism Tax funds to help renovate the Claustre and house the annual Festival of Pollensa and to invest in the town’s Museum. The work, which has been drafted by municipal technical services to avoid the cost of outsourcing, would cost €2.7m and the council would fund half of the project. 

Part of the project would be to renovate the rooms at the claustre that have been left empty when the residential home moved across to their new building. Much of the building has just been left and is now in need of restoration. The museum, has outgrown its space and needs renovation works too.


Robbery Arrests

The Guardia Civil arrested three young men in Sa Pobla and Pollensa, last week for their alleged involvement in at least five robberies carried out inside homes in Pollensa. According to the police, the ‘modus operandi’ of the criminals was the same in all robberies. They took advantage of the fact that some elderly neighbours left the door to their home open.


Bogus Bomb Threat, Tourist Arrested

Last week a bomb threat was posted online. The digital fingerprint that the suspect left behind enabled the Guardia Civil to find where the message was sent from. The investigators then worked with IT experts from the airline to determine the actual computer the threat came from. The threat, on a Palma-Stockholm flight, was posted in English with the help of Google Translate. As the computer was for the exclusive use of the hotel guests the pool of suspects got smaller. Officers then worked against the clock looking at the profiles of passengers from the flight that was due to take off the next day, once the digital profile was compared with the internet activity of the same moment, the police could single out their suspect. The fact that the tourist had requested a change of hotel the day before, which the hotel dismissed, helped confirm suspicions and the suspect was stopped at the Alcudia Hotel. The judge imposed a fine of €10 per day for six months, totalling €1,800 and the flight took off as normal without incident. 


Dramatic Rescue

An eight-year-old little girl fell 4 metres down a cliff in the El Pinar area of Alcudia last week suffering multiple injuries, including to the head. The bombers and Guardia Civil came to her rescue and transferred her and her dad to hospital via helicopter. Events took place just after midday at Cap de Pinar, the emergency services were told the girl was conscious but in a lot of pain and a cut to the head. They place her on a stretcher and brought her away from the rocks to an awaiting ambulance which then transferred her to Son Espasses, where she was taken care of. Thankfully, her injuries were not life threatening. 


Cat Cruelty in Pollensa

Earlier this year, Cat Protection Pollensa reported the disturbing case of a cat colony being shot with pellet guns. Just recently, further cases have been reported with the police now involved and the suspected culprit being denounced. Again in the Siller area, the new cases concern traps being laid and the cats being poisoned. The charity’s volunteer who takes care of the cats was distraught to find the traps near her property where she feeds the colony.

The organisation, which formed last November, are receiving dozens of messages each week from tourists who have found sick and starving cats and many want to help. Others are not happy to have the cat colony near their holiday villa and, the charity say, villa owners are removing the cats and dumping or killing them. 

Going forward, Cat Protection Pollensa is trying to hold meetings with the villa companies to establish how they can work together. Their main aim is to trap, neuter and return as many cats as possible but this requires the ongoing collaboration of the local council and businesses such as the villa companies, hotels and restaurants of Pollensa.

Cat Protection Pollensa does not have a refuge yet and can only offer advice. They can help anyone wishing to adopt a cat and take it home, visit www.catprotectionpollensa.com to see how. They also use their Facebook page to find new homes for cats and they are desperately seeking funds, food and volunteers. 


Water Resources in Llenaire

The Association of Residents of Llenaire has filed a complaint with the authorities warning that a particular construction site in the neighbourhood (that does have a municipal license) has caused the wells of adjoining properties to dry up. They say that water has been extracted “continuously for seven months”. They neighbours also say that, “in addition to posing a problem for neighbours who risk running out of water, it seems to us an ecological attack and a waste of water resources without any control,” say the neighbours. 

The group has requested that the extraction is stopped given that it will have an effect on the reservoir of water from the wet zone of Ullal. The solution, they say is “not to dry the water reserve but to properly isolate the foundations of the work”.

At first the council assured that “the work is in compliance with the license. The pumping of water is authorized for the duration of the work and the waterproofing of the basement. Once this is done, there will not be continuous pumping.” However, the mayor, Miquel Àngel March, visited site and has called an environmental agent in case of any irregularity.


Accident in Pollensa

Last Friday, around 1.30pm, a woman of around 40 years was driving into Pollensa. A cyclist joined the road from an exit with a Stop sign, they was ignored. As the cyclist entered the main lane on the left side of the driver, she swerved hard to the right causing her to crash into the hard shoulder, rolling the car. The cyclist did not stop and carried on his way. 

Local Police units arrived at the scene and called other emergency vehicles. The ambulance service worked with the local bombers who cut the woman out of her car. She was then taken to hospital with serious injuries. The Guardia Civil has taken over the investigation. 

The accident occurred on a black spot on the main road where c/Roser Vell joins and where countless accidents have been recorded.