Local News (2nd August 2018)

Rescue Drills in Muro

A spectacular rescue drill was carried out last week at Playa de Muro. Among the new methods used was the employment of drones. The activities were carried out over the water and in the sand and the drones gave first assistance to victims of a supposed drowning until the arrival of the personnel to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation manoeuvres. Other situations that were demonstrated were when kayakers lost their paddles, dealing with a wheelchair in the sand and dealing with jellyfish.


Lights Camera Action at La Fortaleza

The beautiful backdrop of Puerto Pollensa’s most famous property will grace our screens once again, this time in a Netflix series, “Turn Up Charlie”, written by Idris Elba. The star will play the main role as a failed DJ who’s trying to relaunch his career while working as a nanny for his famous best friend’s 11-year-old, wild-child daughter. 

300 local extras were employed to recreate a huge party at the estate. There was just one night of filming in Pollensa but Elba and his team have filmed in Felanitx, Santanyi and Calvia. The series will be broadcast sometime next year.


Firework Fail

The town hall in Alcúdia apologized last week via social media for the “deficiencies” in the fireworks show that closed the Fiesta of Sant Jaume last week. The audience reacted to the firework show who complained that they were slower than usual and the music was not coordinated with the pyrotechnics.

The council admitted that “the contract did not match with the fireworks display”, and that they been in touch with the contracted pyrotechnic team to forward the complaints. The team did apologise and put it down to a computer programming defect, which is how the fireworks are launched, as opposed to manually. It was this defect that caused the lack of coordination and a large number of fireworks not being launched. The council has taken the “appropriate measures” to recover part of the cost. 


Alcudia’s Latest Adopted Son

During the recent Sant Jaume Fiesta in Alcudia, the Hijo Adoptivo was formally announced. Snr Bartomeu Català was awarded this esteemed title thanks to his foundation, Proyecto Hombre. A priest in the town, Català set up Proyecto Hombre an organisation that helps drug addicts. The decision to make him Hijo Adoptivo was made unanimously at a Council session in March. 


Parking Problems Peaked

Until relatively recently, Playa de Muro was an idyllic and almost virgin area. It is in fact the last of the three municipalities of the Bay of Alcúdia that has developed its tourism centre. Today it has become a densely travelled place in summer, especially on weekends. It has got so bad that the mayor, Martí Fornés says that the area has “reached the ceiling” of capability. Parking has become extremely difficult as visitors to the beach come to see “the best in Spain”. 

Indeed, the whole area is saturated. There are very few plots of land to be built and they are only on residential land. There is not a single tourist plot left. The Council estimates that the population of Muro is 3,000, in summer this goes up to 20,000.  

A parking solution is very difficult, the mayor told press that it is impossible to create a carpark as there is no free space and a ring road is not possible because of the natural parks of Comú and the Albufera.


Sunscreening of a Different Kind

On the playa de Muro you can find a new system that is working for the prevention of skin cancer. ‘Hi-Point’ is a “sophisticated invention” that will revolutionise the field of skin cancer prevention.

Inventors Nadal Muñoz, Pedro Martínez and Domingo Barceló, all from Mallorca, have developed a unique software that can quickly generate a personalized report on individuals and their own needs in terms of sun protection. The software photographs the individual and from that can determine through the hair and eye colour and skin tone, the minimum Sun Protection Factor (SPH) they should use and how many minutes it would take for the skin to burn. 

The project, hailed by the council as a ‘world pioneer’, has the collaboration of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC), and various other organisations.

The ‘Hi-Point’ system provides advice on healthy lifestyle and raises awareness of other  cancers or heart problems. Each module is also fitted with a defibrillator.


Campanet’s New Road

Residents of Campanet have been presented with five different options for a new road that aims to take the traffic out of the main town and around it onto the sport centre, school and to Moscari. The proposals consider the territory, the impact on the environment, the road’s capability and cost. The Consell, who presented the ideas, say that the most viable option would cost €5.2m. 

During the presentation, where 50+ residents were in attendance, the councillors made assurances that no homes would be affected and that the road would hold two-lane traffic with space for bicycles and pedestrians. The farms affected by the expropriation process would receive €10 per square meter. If any homes were affected, then they would be paid €120 per square meter.  

Displayed since 17th July, the five options will be open to public feedback for 45 days in total. It’s a long-awaited project that will ease the traffic situation that everyone wants.