Where does our Eco-Tax go?


The eco-tax is in its third year and the prices have increased, but what is it all for? And why should we pay it?

Well the scheme, ‘Illes Sostenibles’ is a legitimate cause. With over 13 million tourists arriving in the Balearics each year, investment in infrastructure is essential. To put this into perspective, the population of Mallorca is just shy of 900,000. Tourists, come from all over the world (but mainly Germany and the UK) leaving their carbon footprint on the islands and this needs to be compensated. 

The taxes collected from holiday-makers amounted to €30m in 2016. This was invested in 46 projects. 80% of that was in environmental protection projects and improvement of water supply. The remaining 20% was spent on projects related to sustainable tourism, cultural heritage, innovation and research, as well as better training and creation of qualified jobs. In 2017, the tax generated a total of €64m. On 16th October 2017, the Commission for the Promotion of Sustainable Tourism selected 62 new projects to be financed.

In the north, these projects include the new bus station in Puerto Pollensa and the Formentor Shuttle bus, the recovery and renovation in properties at Son Real, recovering municipal trails on the Tramuntana, maintenance of the walls in Alcudia Old Town, dealing with water from Font Ufanes to the Albufera, and much more.

For more information visit www.sustainableislands.travel