Alcudia Wall Fall

Image courtesy of James Honeyball, Flickr

Image courtesy of James Honeyball, Flickr

All this rain is not just a problem for September summer seekers. Last week, the Medieval Wall in Alcudia’s Old Town lost a section of about 10m long when it crumbled to the ground below. Thankfully no one was hurt, but this stretch of Cami de Ronda, between the Church and Can Ramis, could have been busy. Luckily it was very quiet and the rubble fell the opposite side and into the ditch.

An archaeologist and architect from the Consell de Mallorca visited the scene the next day and concluded that the material used 30 years ago to restore the wall is partly to blame. Portland Cement is known to retain water and to burst at any point.  

The council was aware that this part of the wall was weakening but the rains brought the damage much quicker than expected. The project for renovation had already been drafted and is ready to submit to the Consell de Mallorca. For now, all parts of the wall at risk will be taken care of and the renovation plans modified.

This is not the first time the walls have suffered collapse, it happened in 2011 when part of the Bastion of Santa Maria came down. Coincidentally, renovation on the Rennaisance Wall had just restarted after work was interrupted a year ago when the construction company went bust.