Campanet's New Road

Image courtesy of Anselm Pallas,

Image courtesy of Anselm Pallas,

Campanet has been talking for years about a bypass that would surround the town and eliminate the passing traffic from the centre of the village. In 1992, the council called a referendum so that the people themselves could decide if it should be built. The result was overwhelming: 1080 votes against the road and only 218 in favour. The project was abandoned and a new road was designed in 1998. This alternative layout is similar to the one that the Consell is now considering, the only difference being is that it would use an existing road as a base. The Consell has discarded it because it contains excessive curves.

On the other hand, the environmental group GOB rejected the road proposal because of the impact it would have on the landscape claiming that the project is "not justified" and "will destroy the rustic land" where the route will take place.

The GOB explains that the construction project includes a "new road, 20m wide" which, in his opinion, "will not fix the mobility problems of Campanet". They also say that the "lack of strategy" would force traffic onto the main road due to the lack of connection of minor roads and the different neighbourhoods of the town.

However, the GOB points out that the type of road planned doesn’t follow the bypass ‘round urban’ concept, “rather it is a new road that crosses mainly rustic land, and would entail a serious impact” The environmentalists demand that this project be discarded and another is drafted.