Local Environment News

Tree Planting at s’Albufera

Last weekend, over 40 volunteers from the GOB gathered at the Albufera de Mallorca to plant trees in the lagoon of Ses Pardes. In total, 90 trees were planted specifically White Poplar (Populus alba) and Narrow-Leafed Ash (Fraxinus angustifolia). The trees will provide the lagoon with resting and sheltering space for several species of birds.

The project was a collaboration with the Natural Park and its team of educators, who explained to the volunteers the basic characteristics of s'Albufera and the lagoon of Ses Pardes. The day was supported by the Biodiversity Foundation.

Recycling in School

The Alcúdia’s Environment Dept has just delivered recycling bins to schools as part of their new campaign to improve recycling in the town. IES Alcúdia, IES Port d'Alcúdia, CEIP Norai, Our Lady Consolation, CEIP Porta des Moll, CEIP s'Albufera and CEH S'Hort des Fassers were all included in the scheme where a total of 122 100L containers, 520 26L classroom bins in brown, blue, yellow and grey, 7 composters and 176 posters.

This campaign from the environmental area of the Alcúdia Town Hall has been possible thanks to a Ministry of the Environment (Government of the Balearic Islands) subsidy of €11,975.33.

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Family Hotel Goes Green for 2019

As the Balearics released its ambitious (and controversial) plans to rid the islands of single use plastic by 2020 (next year), it is great to see that some companies are really making big changes to their policy. One of which is Club Mac, the family resort in Puerto Alcudia.

The hotel has pledged to replace more than seven million items with environmentally friendly options,
with immediate effect. Plans include swapping traditional, one-use plastic glasses for re-usable and cardboard options, limiting the use of plastic drinking straws and switching plastic for paper packaging as part of an ongoing commitment to reducing Club Mac Alcudia’s environmental impact. Other
items, including plastic cutlery, will be replaced with wooden and sugar-cane versions in a move that will see 7,400,400 individual pieces of plastic saved from becoming waste.

As Club Mac’s CRM and E-Commerce Manager, Eva Monserrat Llompart explains: “We’re very happy to announce we’re going green in 2019 – and beyond. The environmental impact of Club MAC is important to us
all, and we know it’s something that our guests care about too. Thousands of holidaymakers visit us every year and as well as working hard to ensure that their holidays are as much fun as possible we want
them to know that we care about our impact on the environment too. Our ‘going green’ focus is mainly on removing plastic from our products and off the resort completely. Club Mac Alcudia takes its position
within a conservation area seriously, and we hope to make a real inroad into the environmental impact of our resort.”

New paper cup.png

Take a look at the amount of plastic being stopped!

  • 27,600 Club MAC t-shirts

    • Changed plastic packaging to paper

  • 13,000 plastic bags

    • Eliminated

  • 8,000 plastic spoons                           

    • Swapped for wooden spoons

  • 104,000 plastic coffee spoons                   

    • Changed to wooden spoons

  • 177,500 plastic coffee stirrers

    • Substituted for wooden stirrers

  • 114,000 plastic knives                         

    • Swapped for wooden knives

  • 1,540,000 plastic straws                               

    • Eliminated apart from for slushies

  • 77,200 foam plates                                     

    • Swapped for sugarcane plates

  • 187,508 plastic plates                         

    • Eliminated

  • 62,000 plastic forks                                   

    • Swapped for wooden forks

  • 459,000 foam glasses                           

    • Swapped for recyclable cardboard glasses

  • 541,336 plastic beer glasses                   

    • Eliminated

  • 1,847,484 clear plastic glasses                 

    • Eliminated

  • 1,500 clear tube plastic glasses                       

    • Eliminated

  • 2,175,000 clear plastic glasses                 

    • Swapped for Macky recyclable cardboard cups