Lifesavers at Cala

Spot the Lifesavers

Spot the Lifesavers

Mayor of Pollensa, Bartomeu Cifre Ochogavía (of Tots per Pollença), has announced that the council does not have a current contract in force with the lifeguard service on the beach at Cala Sant Vicente. He added that the contract had expired two years ago.

As an essential safety measure for the beach, the mayor maintains that the service will continue despite legal warnings. Councillors are now preparing the tendering process to legally provide the service.

This concern with legality has created some problems, for example the company has not invested in the service knowing that it will be evicted shortly. This explains why in Cala Molins, there is no watchtower and lifeguards sit on the beach under a canvas shade.

A temporary solution is currently being negotiated with the Hotel Cala Molins. The hotel has a concession to occupy a public space in an elevated area of the beach. The mayor wants the hotel to give up a small space where the lifeguards can have a suitable tower and they can carry out their work with much better visibility.