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Naufragi Grec en una Nit d'Estiu

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Greek-themed Summer Fair at Cala Sant Vicente

4.30pm, Opens

5pm, Exhibition and Artisan Market, organized by the Association of Craftsmen of Pollença

The Summer Night Fair will present alongside the Talaiotic workshops to bring together the crafts of the time to today’s generation. The craftsmen have designed and produced Greek-inspired pieces that they will present along with the rest of their own collection.

5-7.30pm, Historical Workshops, for children, Greek costume-making, learning the Greek and Punic alphabet, making ceramic pieces. (Must bring a piece of white, beige or brown fabric.) There will be a Talaiotic Photocall. There will also be stands from Town Halls from across the island.

6-8pm, Tir de fona Workshop. (Tir de fona is an old sport common in Balearic towns, a slingshot made of natural materials is used to fire stones either at a target or as far as possible)

7pm & 9pm A taste of Ancient Greece, presented by the archaeologist Helena Inglada.

8pm, Costume competition, open to anyone born after 2000. Costumes must be either Greek, Carthaginians, Talaiotics, Celts, Iberians, or any other costume from the Mediterranean arch of the historical period (around the 6th century). Onit are organizing workshops if you would like to make it there. To enter, register at the Onit booth on the day, before 7.30pm.

9pm, Theatre, Elpis, La Dona del Nauta

10pm, contemporary dance, Ilota

Later Event: 9 June
Choir Concert